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Apnea42 Freediving

Freediving Level 3

Freediving Level 3

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Level 3 Freediver course verifies the aquaticity and base techniques of apnea of the student. Sessions will be personalized to allow each student to work at their own potential.

Mouthfill equalization, monofin work, and mental training for deeper and longer dives will be covered. Techniques learned will easily bring a Freediver to depth pass 30-40m.

Course fee: $850 (Paynow) / $872 (Credit Card 3%)

  • Level 2 Certification
  • 18 years of age
  • Comfortable swimming
  • Signed medical statement and liability release form

4-5 Days

• Theory Day 

• Minimum 1 warm-up and stretching session

• Minimum 2 confined water sessions

• Minimum 4 open water dive sessions

Passing Requirements:

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