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Differences between freediving certifications?

1. These Certifications cover the essential fundamentals of the sport, such as:

  • Theory Fundamentals
  • Equipment and Finning Techniques
  • Breathing & Relaxation
  • Safety & Rescue Drills
  • Frenzel Equalization for depth

    It is like asking what's the difference between PADI and SSI for scuba. It is just 2 different agency. in the end you want to see the quality of school,  check the google reviews, the instructor you want to learn from. As freediving is not learning to use the scuba equipment, its learning your own body, mind and breath & equalization muscles for freediving. So speak to the school or instructor and decide which suits best for you. 
    - Mark, AA / AIDA Freediving Instructor Trainer (91547300)

Here is a rough guide:

Passing requirements of each agency

Contact AIDA & SSI Instructor Mark 65-91547300 if you have more questions!

Which Certification should I choose?

Find an instructor you feel confident with learning from and connecting with.
Ultimately freediving skills and equalization techniques needs time and coaching. You can contact Mark at 91547300 for more questions.

 Is your center & instructors certified?

 Yes, Apnea42 freediving center teaches from beginner to instructor & athletes.

Apnea42 founder Mark, is a Instructor Trainer for AIDA & SSI and also a National Depth Record Holder.

He was taught and coached by freediving masters like Umberto Pelizzari (Italy), Alexy Molchanovs (Russia) and Stefan Randig (Germany)

Qualifications and accolades: 

Is Apnea Academy / AIDA Certification recognized?

Apnea Academy is one of the internationally recognized freediving systems. The instructor course runs once every 2 years in Spain or Egypt, where only the founder, Umberto Pelizzari, certifies the instructors.

Therefore keeping its instructor standards high and is one of the more prestigious instructor courses to attend!

AIDA is an international non-profit organization that sets standards for safety, comparability of Official World Record attempts and freediving education.

About Umberto Pelizzari: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltb0Hl0ahMs
More info Apnea Academy: https://apnea.academy/en/home/
More info AIDA: https://www.aidainternational.org/

 I am a complete beginner. How can I start learning to freedive?

Call or Whatsapp Mark +65-91547300 to find out more

You can start directly with Level1, as a beginner, with basic swimming skills.

 I am an experienced scuba diver. Can I advance directly to level2?

Level 1 Freediving course covers fundamental skillsets of efficient heads down descend equalization, finning technique and mastery of fundamental apnea breathwork, which is not covered in level2 syllabus.

A level 2 student is expected to enter the course with a solid apnea foundation skillset.

However we can recommend a Level1 to 3(Zero to Master Freediver) package to those who has enough aquatic abilities and wish an express course tailored.

Contact Mark 91547300 for a package course.


+ I'm a pool freediver already! Can i join your regular pool training sessions?

Yes! A freediver of minimum of a pool certification (e.g AIDA1*, AA, etc ) is required to join our sessions.

Our freediving community has regular pool sessions that allows Freedivers to train together and improve in a safe environment.

Our session varies from group training, safety revisions, technique work, peer learning & fun team apnea activities

A42 Pool Training Sign up v3.0

Different certification freedivers are welcome. We will conduct a briefing and a safety revision during the pool session.

If you do not have a freediving certification. Do sign up a Level1 Course with us before coming for regular trainings. This is to ensure everyone understands the theory and safety precautions of freediving. Being a certified freediver also equips everyone to provide safety for each other. Safety protocols have to be adhered to while using the pools under SportsSG and ActiveSG's jurisdiction.

Always freedive with a buddy.

Contact Mark 91547300 before joining. Provide your current certification, if any.

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