A42 Training Guideline & Attendance Access

Welcome to our pool training sessions! 

*A42 trainings are for any certified freedivers, or students who are currently in undergoing an ongoing freediving course.

We welcome freedivers of all levels, whether you are a beginner or advanced freediver. This is a platform where you can progress in your freediving journey at your own pace. The following guidelines must be adhered to to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment of training sessions.  

 Training Guidelines

1a. Training - Etiquette
  1. Having your own equipment
    Consider buying your own equipment.
    Especially, Mask,Snorkel,Fins & your personal weighting.
    Training progress is often hindered when you have to constantly adjust to different rental equipment (e.g., ill-fitting fins). Having your own equipment also facilitates proper weighting. Being properly weighted prevents bad finning habits due to poor buoyancy control and body alignment.

  2. If there are more than two people in a lane, swim in a circular pattern, avoid swimming above the blue line.

  3. Avoid sitting on lane ropes if possible.

  4. Stay away from the center of the wall when a diver is making a turn at the wall. 

  5. [Intervals Training] Allow space for starters to start their laps.

    - In order to provide passive safety coverage, please ensure that someone is at each end of the pool at all times. Do not begin your lap if you are the last person at the wall.

    - If you need a longer rest time, move away from the right side of the lane. Inform the next diver so that he/she/they can begin his/her/their lap.

    - Queue along the lane rope. This maximizes space for divers who are ending or starting their swim laps.

  6. Exit the pool on time (e.g MGS @ 945PM) 

  7. Let’s create a supportive, positive culture
    Being polite goes a long way.
    Provide constructive tips and advice to your dive buddies.
    Inform your training mates on the spot if they missed something.
    When in doubt or need advice on skills, feel free to speak to any of the instructors on site.

1b. Training - Safety

✓      Never freedive alone. Find a buddy to practice together.

✓      Always communicate to your supervising buddy what you will be doing next.

✓     During group training, in a lane. Keep to the right side of the blue line, swimming in an anti-clockwise manner to avoid collision.

✓     During group training, do not push beyond your limits and surface when you need to.

✓     For non-max attempts, a buddy may safety from the pool deck. For max attempts, a buddy should swim on the surface, above the diver. 

Training Progression Checklist:

✓ Ensure correct Buoyancy. Correct your weighting with instructor or trainer  (It takes around 30mins to sort weighting)

✓ Sort out your Finning Technique (Video & Review with your trainer)

✓ Improve your Turns Technique (Video & Review with your trainer)

✓ Ensure your 50m dive time is not too fast or too slow (50-52s is recommended) 

✓ Repeat 80% of PB at least 6 times, with minimal effort and comfort

✓ Repeat Max PB at least twice, feeling comfortable.

✓ If you are progressing past 75m, consider taking a level2 course.  (Diet, Muscles & Energy Systems, Training Methods)

✕ Do not Increase your PB if you are unable to do 80%PB x 6 with ease in a session

Buddy Safety Checklist BEFORE Max Attempts

✓ Inform each other what is your dive plan and the level of safety you need. (100%, 95%, etc)

✓ In-water active safety is compulsory for Max attempts, unless the same level of safety can be provided on deck.

✓ Find an extra safety, if the diver is twice as big as you.

    1c. Training - What to Bring

    During Regular trainings,
    Please be responsible for your own personal equipment especially Mask, Snorkel, Fins & Weights

    Compulsory Pool Equipment

    • Mask & Snorkel (for buddy safety)

    • Fins

    • Neckweights / Belt Weights

    • Watch (To time, yourself, laps, progression, buddy statics)

      Optional / Performance Equipment

    • Wetsuit (Hydrodynamics, Staying Warm)

    • Noseclip (Statics)

    • Waterbottle (Stay hydrated)

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    Pool Location & Directions: 


    2a. Methodist Girls School (MGS) 50M, 3M Deep Pool

    Location: 11 Blackmore Drive (King Albert MRT)

    Follow the blue line, walking or by car to the swimming pool.

    *Enter the front gate.
    *Do not walk through the school canteen it will lead to a locked gate.
    *Follow the guided blue line.

    Follow the blue line, to park and walk to the pool.

    Follow the blue line, to park and walk to the pool.

    Please Arrive at the pool at 730, if it is your first time.
    Walking in takes 10mins.
    Allow additional 15mins for changing and briefing.
    Enter Pool 8pm - Exit Pool 945pm

    1. Be changed into swimgear before coming
    2. Showering is not allowed in the toilets. You can rinse at the rinse point next to the pool.

    Lap Swim Etiquette & Circle Swimming (Always keep on your Right!)

    1A. For Course Participants, check with your instructor regarding your pool pass.

    1B. For regular trainees
    Please Prepare your ACTIVESG APP before coming to the session
    Local & Foreigners can download and top up the wallet.
    Use the app for $1 gantry pool entrance.


    2b. MOE EVANS CCAB 4M Deep Pool

    Location: 21 Evans Rd, Singapore 259368

    How to Get there:

    MRT -> Walk :
    Exit Blue Line Stevens MRT,
    MRT EXIT B to Evan Road
    and 14mins walk to CCAB.

    Please Prepare your ACTIVESG APP before coming to the session
    Local & Foreigners can download and top up the wallet.
    Use the app for $1 gantry pool entrance.





    3a. Which Lane should i go? Beginner / Intermediate / Advance

    Beginner / Intermediate / Advance/ Workshop Lanes

        • Beginner - Suitable for ongoing course students & newly certified freedivers
        • Intermediate - Trainees who prefer to participate in group exercises and drills
        • After completing 1 package session (approximately 6 training sessions), trainees may try and attempt Intermediate-level training sessions
        • Advanced - Level2 & Above
        • Workshops - Occasional Workshops will be listed
    3b. Cancellation & Wet Weather 

    Updates on signing up for training

    1. There is no penalty fee for cancellation. Please register your name under the actual lane (and not TBC).

    2. Please key in your name the night before. avoid last minute registration

    This will help with lane planning & management for the trainer.

    3. If you can't make it due to unforeseen circumstances, you can still remove your name. There is no cancellation penalty.

    4. In the event of lightning alert, dry apnea training will be conducted and deduction of training package is as per normal for those who attended.

    Pool Package Expiry Terms & Conditions: here  

    Openwater Cancellation / Reschedule Policy - Here  


    Guidelines to A42 Google Attendance Sheet

     4. Labeling your name and rental equipment 

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