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Apnea42 Freediving

Depth Training - St John

Depth Training - St John

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Rental of Item(s) Required

Openwater Training (7am-230pm)

  • Bookings to be confirmed at least 2 weeks in advance, latest 1 week.
  • Each instructor takes only 3-4 students depending on instructor's limit preference
  • Chartered boat to St John Island 
  • Training in depths of 12 to 20m (depending on tide and spot) in sheltered bay
  • Gear and equipment are not included (Refer to Fees or Shop)

Training Type:

Rates below are paynow fees. Credit card payment would involve additional 3% (round up to the nearest dollar)

Reassessment - $180

  • Instructor to reassess your course requirements. equipment included.
  • Equipment Provided

Coaching - $135

  • For ongoing course or certified freedivers, to be coached by our freedive instructor.
  • Excluding equipment

Buddy System - $75

  • For certified freedivers who are able to perform a constant weight dive to at least 8m or students who have minimally completed their first open water component with additional 1 coaching session.

  • Buddy training is only for experienced freedivers
Rental Equipment and Gear
  • If you need rental of fins, please indicate your size in comments during checkout
  • If you have purchased any items and need it during openwater, plesae inform Mark beforehand 
Openwater Cancellation Penalty
  • Cancellation within 48 hours of scheduled departure (e.g. change of plans, overslept, did not bring NRIC/equipment, etc.) will incur a penalty of the full leisure cost 
  • Cancellation less than 7 days of scheduled departure time (e.g. change of plans) will incur a penalty of half the leisure cost
  • No refunds less than 12hours cancellation.The penalty is necessary to cover fixed cost incurred for boat charters, logistics and trainers' schedule fee.

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