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Apnea42 Freediving

Frenzel Equalization (EQ) Clinic for Freediving

Frenzel Equalization (EQ) Clinic for Freediving

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Do you need continued guidance after your level1 freediving?

Do you need to improvment for your equalization?

To have review and feedback of your equalization, progressing from 1,10,20,30,40m
onwards. you can contact mark +65-91547300 for enquiry before signing up.

- Mark

Frenzel Equalization (EQ) Clinic with Mark

  • Anatomy Understanding / Subtle Muscle Control
  • Awareness & Control of muscles
  • Controlling / Shifting / Air Management
  • Bandhas for better key relaxation 
  • Feedback for Practice & Improvement

We offer Frenzel Equalization (EQ) Clinic for students who are experiencing challenges with their equalizations. During this clinic, you will receive an individualized analysis of your existing EQ techniques. We will identify potential reasons for your EQ challenges, such as muscle control and bad habits, and provide feedback to improve your technique. Additionally, we will also offer homework practices to improve your Frenzel technique and a post-clinic online review session.

Session led by Mark
Instructor trainer & National Freediving Depth Record Holder 
Mark has over 11 years of freediving teaching experience.
About Mark - Apnea42 Founder – Apnea42 Freediving


  • 1-1 Session to analyze your muscle coordination
  • On site practice together with Mark
  • On site corrections, practice & repeat
  • summary of exercises to be continued
  • With ongoing video coaching included.

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