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Apnea42 Freediving

Freediving Level 2

Freediving Level 2

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The objective of the Freediving Level 2 course is to develop and advance a freediver’s ability to dive deeper, further and longer. The course will cover intermediate-level mental and relaxation techniques which will aid in longer breath-holds. Advanced Frenzel Equalization techniques will also be taught. This will enable the freediver to dive deeper on a single breath and to experience the thrill of freefalling underwater.

Level 2 also focuses on mental & relaxation techniques. Look at the course topics 

Course fee: $750

  • Level1 Certification
  • 16 years of age
  • Comfortable swimming
  • Signed medical statement and liability release form.
Course Topics:
  • Pranayama Breath Work
  • Advance Freedive Stretching for Deeper dives
  • Frenzel Equalization revision & refinement
  • Advanced Equalization Methods (Adv Frenzel) 
  • Energetic Systems
  • Finstroke Analysis
  • Training Tables & Methods
Passing requirements of each Agency:

Freediving Level 2 Outline (4 days):
  • Day1 - Theory / Advanced Equalization/ Static 
  • Day2 - Dynamic Pool Day
  • Day3 - Openwater Day1 (2 Dive Sessions)
  • Day4 - Openwater2 Day2 (2 Dive Sessions
  • Balloon Equalization Tool Included
  • Boat Charter 2 Days 
  • Classroom

Recommended Materials: Manual of Freediving

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