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Apnea42 Freediving (Singapore)

AIDA2 Pool / Level 1 (Deep Pool)

AIDA2 Pool / Level 1 (Deep Pool)

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AIDA2 - Level 1 Beginner Course

The course focuses on the mastery of relaxation, breathing and mental techniques for better breath hold (apnea) underwater. Underwater finning and safety rescue techniques will also be taught to help students be comfortable with underwater apnea while training with a qualified buddy.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Freediving
  • Freediving Breathing Cycle
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Basic Physiology of Freediving
  • Frenzel Equalization (Additional Topic)
  • Freediving Techniques - Dynamic finning, duck dives
  • Safety in Freediving - Buddy System and Rescue
  • Equipment in Freediving
  • Freediving Disciplines
  • Openwater Assessment Day

The course is conducted over 2 non-consecutive days to cover two components:

Day1 (Pool) - AIDA2 Pool Only Certification
(Option to top up $300 in the future to complete the open water component for AIDA2 full certification)

Day2 (Openwater) - AIDA2 Full Certification


Prerequisites & Passing Requirements:


  • Be 18 years of age or older (16 or 17 years old with parent or guardian consent)
  • Comfortable swimming

At the end of the course, you will be certified with the AIDA pool or AIDA2 full certification after achieving the following passing requirements including passing of theory exam:

Passing Requirements:

  • 2 minutes Static Apnea Pool 
  • 40 meters Dynamic with bi-fins Pool
  • 12 meters Constant Weight Depth (Openwater Component)
  • 5 meters Buddy Depth Rescue

    You may choose to take the pool component first before committing to the open water component. Open water dates will be scheduled after the completion of pool component. 

    Minimum Pax: 

    Weekend courses usually are fixed dates

    Contact Mark at 91547300 for weekday courses; Minimum 2 to start 


    Pool Venue: Weekends usually Owl Pool (1.5 - 2.5m Pool)
    Open Water Venue:  St John

    Pool Ratio:  1 Instructor to 4 Student 
    Openwater Ratio:  1 Instructor to Max 4 Student  

    Dates / Course Schedule:

    Please refer here: Course Schedule Dates – Apnea42 Freediving

    otherwise contact Mark 91547300, for weekday arrangement

    Course Sample Videos 

    Pool Component 

    Open Water Component: 


    What are the differences between agencies? 
    Apnea Academy, AIDA, SSI

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