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Apnea42 Freediving

Art of Apnea - Self Discovery

Art of Apnea - Self Discovery

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Life is a journey - Journey to your Breath. by Mark

An introduction for beginners looking to experience what is breath(hold), freediving & apnea & meditative aspects of freediving.

In this program. The instructor helps the beginner experience! and have a better perception to enjoy the breath, and the feeling of being underwater.

We will go through conscious & subconscious thoughts that affect the us and the way to approach such thinking habits. 

'Freediving is about silence. the silence that comes from within'- Jacques Mayol

Life is a journey - Journey to your Breath.

Introduces on concept of not only to enjoy the outside but to enjoy on the inside.
that makes living a complete whole.


1. What is Freediving?
2. What is Apnea?
3. What is Breath?
4. What is Relaxation?

Program Activities

-Theory Introduction of freediving
-Pranayama / Breathwork 
-Breathhold Exercises in water
- Safety Details 

Duration: 2Hours
Minimum: 2Pax


Anyone looking to understand self, nature, water. 

Im afraid of water, i can't swim, can i join?
This discovery class helps and introduce the beginner to water.
We will start from land. and conduct apnea activities in a shallow pool.
It is still recommended. to allow oneself to gain more confience for water.

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