Pool Training Brief


1. Let’s create a supportive, positive culture

  • Being polite goes a long way.
  • Provide constructive tips and advice to your dive buddies.
  • Inform your training mates on the spot if they missed something.
  • When in doubt or need advice on skills, feel free to speak to any of the instructors on site.
  • It’s best to address questions, concerns, and even tricky situations during the session.
  • Let’s build a supportive and positive learning culture.

2. Have your own equipment

Consider buying your own equipment. Training progress is often hindered when you have to constantly adjust to different rental equipment (e.g., ill-fitting fins). Having your own equipment also facilitates proper weighting. Being over- or under-weighted creates bad finning habits due to poor buoyancy control and body alignment.

3. If there are more than two people in a lane, swim in a circular pattern.

Swim on the right side of the lane and in a circular, counter-clockwise pattern. Do not swim above the blue lane markings.

4. Avoid sitting on lane ropes.

5. [Turning at Wall] Stay away from the center of the wall when a diver is turning

You can take a rest at the wall whenever you need to. Please be mindful and give the active freediver as much room as possible to turn. Always give way to freedivers who are approaching the wall.

6. [Intervals Training] Allow space for starters to start their laps.

  • In order to provide passive safety coverage, please ensure that someone is at each end of the pool at all times. Do not begin your lap if you are the last person at the wall.
  • If you need a longer rest time, move away from the right side of the lane. Inform the next diver so that he/she/they can begin his/her/their lap.
  • Queue along the lane rope. This maximizes space for divers who are ending or starting their swim laps.

7. Exit the pool on time (e.g MGS @ 945PM)



    Freediver Level Categories

    • Beginner (bgn) - Reaching 50M, Requires coaching/revision on fundamental techniques
    • Intermediate (i.m) - 50-75M, has a grasp on fundamental techniques, working on improving turns & 60m target
    • Advance Freedivers (adv) - 75M and above, Able to follow a pre-planned set

    *The categories are just for easy reference. An advanced freediver is always welcome to join in the beginner if he or she wants. 

    Training & Safety Guidelines

    • All Freedivers are to report to your respective Pool In-Charge (IC) at the start of the session.
      • Beginner Freedivers to follow Beginner Pool IC's Programme. 
      • Advance Freedivers to inform Adv Pool IC if they have their own plans
    • Check the attendance sheet for finalised grouping before the start of training. 
    • Pool IC to conduct program briefing and stretching exercises for their respective groups.
    • Pool IC have the right to stop any unsafe activity, with warning given.
    • Divers who continues to breach safety protocols or ignore Pool IC's advisory, will not be allowed to continue training with Apnea42.
    • Divers who blackout will have to stop freediving for the day.



    Please be responsible for your own personal equipment during regular pool trainings.  (especially mask, snorkel, fins and weights) 

    Compulsory Pool Equipment

    • Mask & Snorkel (for buddy safety)
    • Fins
    • Neckweights / Belt Weights
    • Watch (To time, yourself, laps, progression, buddy statics)

    Optional/ Performance Equipment

    • Wetsuit (Hydrodynamics, staying warm)
    • Noseclip (Statics)
    • Water bottle (Stay hydrated)

    Renting Equipment
    If you need to rent any equipment, please indicate in the attendance excel sheet with a bracket and the items needed e.g. Mark (EU39 fins) 

    Rental Fees Here