Pool App & Packages FAQ

Can I extend my package session? 

Question: i had a busy few weeks, i was overseas holiday, overseas work etc

Please Buy a new package to extend your session, your sessions will be carried over. 

I would like to buy the 20 sessions, can you give me exceptions to a,b,c,d reasons.

20 sessions package is meant for season freedivers to prepare for 3 months consistently for competition or a goal. It is not meant to use the cheaper rate so you can ask for extension because of the long period of time training.

- Please do not ask for time extension for the cheap package for the purpose of long period training

-Please do not ask to split 20 session package with a buddy. 

If you have reasons of holiday, busy with other matters. Pick the 6 or 10 session package.

Can I share my package?

Package is not transferrable. or sharable.