AIDA2 Briefing & Content v2

AIDA2 Freediving - Briefing & Course Content

We hope you are excited to begin your Freediving journey with Apnea42 and we look forward to teaching you soon!

Meaning of life in one breath

Apnea42 adopts a holistic approach to freediving through the philosophy of self, honing of skills and techniques, exploration of space, and curiosity for the human potential. We provide a safe and friendly environment for those who would like to develop their fluidity and relaxation in water as well as explore the mental aspect of freediving. To achieve this, you will learn to find the balance between your strengths and weaknesses, integrating play and learning whether in the classroom, swimming pool or open water session.

The concept of freediving serves many different purpose for everyone. An example, being underwater helps to put you in an environment of silence.

"Freediving is about silence, the silence that comes from within" Jacques Mayol

+ AIDA2 Passing Requirements

Have an adequate profile according to the Instructor’s judgment.

Be able to perform all the pool & openwater exercises satisfactorily.

Pass the theory exam with a minimum score of 75% to pass (28/38 questions to pass)


Perform a static apnea of at least 2’00”

Perform a dynamic apnea with fins distance of at least 40 meters

Buddy Rescue in Pool


Dive in constant weight depth to at least 12 meters comfortably (max 20m)

Perform buddy rescue from depth of 5-10m

Efficient Duck Dives, Orientation & Recovery Breaths


+ AIDA2 Course Steps:
  1. Submit Online Medical Form

    Please complete this online signature document before the pool session!
    After completing, the document will automatically be sent to us. No further action required!
    You can download a copy for yourself after submission.

    - Any medical conditions with YES, needs to be approved by a doctor before course.
    - Otherwise all No, doctor signature is not required
    - Do inform your instructor, if you have any history of medical/surgery/injuries to take note

  2. Read Freediving Manual & Attend Theory/Pool Class

  3. Watch Equalization Videos, get instructor feedback

  4. Openwater session (Top up to book your openwater slot if you have not booked)

  • Do not hesitate to ask your instructors any questions!

  • After the pool session, contact mark to sign up for your open-water date.

  • Alternatively, you can sign up for more deep pool practice to improve your equalization. Here

+ AIDA2 Syllabus Topics

Theory & Quiz (Covered in Theory)

  • Introduction to AIDA

  • History of Freediving

  • Equipment

  • Physics of Freediving ( Boyle’s, Dalton, Archimede’s Law)

  • Physiology of Freediving (Diving Reflex, BloodShift)

  • Compensation / Equalization

  • Duck dives

  • Safety (Stages of Blackout, Hyperventilation & Dangers)

  • Prevention ( Recovery Breaths, Buddy System, Dive Plan)

  • Diet

  • Ocean Theory

  • Complete your quiz before pool

Breathing Techniques

  • Relaxation breathing (1:2 Ratio)

  • Full Breath

  • Recovery Breaths

Relaxation Techniques

  • Body Scanning

  • Awareness of Breath

  • Physical Relaxation

Pool Section

  • Introduction to Snorkel

  • Snorkel & Mask Clearing

  • Weight Belt Quick Release

  • STA Exit & Entry

  • STA Buddy & Rescue

  • STA > 2'00"

  • DYN Buoyancy Check

  • DYN Finning Techniques

  • DYN > 40m

  • DYN Surface Buddy & Rescue

Equalization Section

  • EQ Anatomy ( Muscles used for frenzel equalization)

  • EQ Frenzel Manoeuvres (T, K Sounds)

  • EQ Frenzel Exercises

Openwater Section

  • Relaxation w Snorkel

  • Free Immersion & Warm ups (FIM)

  • Equalization & Relaxation for depth

  • CWT Duck dives

  • CWT > 12m

  • CWT Buddying System & Rescue

  • Finstroke technique

+ STEP 1: Pool Itinerary

Things to Bring (Pool)

  • Swimgear

  • 1.5L Waterbottle (no watercooler, bar is closed)

  • Towel

  • Sunblock

  • Rashguard optional

  • Simple snacks/Fruits if you get hungry easily.

  • No lunch as we have static apnea after theory

  • Tights/Long compression pants (Optional & Pants is not provided for the course)

  • Yoga Mat (optional)

Dietary Note:

A light Breakfast before theory & pool class is ok.

as we have theory for about 1.5hrs the easily digestable food will be digested.

Otherwise you can snack during theory, best is empty stomach before statics.

In freediving we usually avoid meat & heavy meals 2-3 hours before your apnea training.

Easily Digestable food e.g (Oats, Cereal, fruits) avoid fatty, oily, meat food.

+ STEP 2: AIDA2 Videos

+ STEP 3: Frenzel Equalization (Mark's Videos)


Step2: Frenzel Equalization Playlist

+ STEP 4: Complete your Online Quiz

Complete Online Exam After the Pool session

75% to pass (28/38 questions to pass), otherwise redo.
Please send mark your passed results. Thank you!

+ STEP 5: After the pool component, extra pool or openwater!

Option1: you are welcome to come for extra pool practice.
Joining future pool fees & trainings (Here)

Option2: Book your Openwater date Schedule (Here)

Option3: You wish to stop the course as a pool freediver. A Pool freediver certificate will be issued. 

+ Extra: Breathing & Statics Exercises [Optional]

Daily Homework

The exercises can be done in the morning or before sleeping on your bed
Do not do breathhold exerises while, standing, walking, driving
Always find a qualified buddy when doing apnea underwater


Breathing Homework

  • Belly Breathing

    Slow inhale & exhale. focusing on the slow rise and fall of the belly.

  • Full Breaths exercise

    a. Last Gentle breath in & out
    b. Slow full breath from the belly to the chest
    c. Slow exhale

  • Relaxation Breathing (1:2 Ratio)

    a. Using a slow in, and slower out. allows the heart rate to drop and the mind to calm down further.
    b. Use a oximeter, or heart rate monitor to have constant feedback, watching your heart rate drop.

  • Static Sequence

    You can try 6-8 rounds of static, with 3 mins rest inbetween.

    a. Relaxation Breathing
    b. Full Breath
    c. Breath Hold
    d. Recovery Breaths (Fast & Deep In, Passive Exhale)

    Extras: Static Breathhold Exercises

    You can download a variety of static breath-hold apps. e.g Freediving Apnea Trainer.

    Work on CO2 & O2 Tables one table per day. and take days rest if needed.

+ Extra: Other EQ Resources


For a literal Step by Step Frenzel guide, written by Eric Fattah (written 20 years ago)
you can download his manual (Here)



+ Extra: Supplementary Videos

Ocean Men (Documentary)

Interview with Umberto Pelizzari 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Relaxation Exercises) -
Understanding Diaphragm (Anatomy) -
Alternate Nostril Breathing with Dalai Lama -
William Trubridge (CWT Dive) -
Arnaud Gerald (CWT Bi Fins) -
Andrea Zuccari (No Limits 175m with Mask) -
Guilaume Nery (Ted Talk) -

+ Join A42 Freediving Community

Freedivers FB group (Media & Promos)

Whatsapp Student Alumni Chat Group

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